Address of the Rector of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


Dear Ukrainians and the world community,

 For 190 years Taras Shevchehko National University of Kyiv has been delivering its scientific and educational activities at strengthening humanistic principles, democracy, progress and global development! Nowadays the University educates over 30 thousand students, engages about 7 thousand professionals, comprises of 13 faculties, 12 institutes, 2 colleges and a lyceum. In addition, there are Astronomical Observatory, Botanical Garden, Kaniv Nature Reserve, libraries and other departments.

In 2022 our graduates enhanced the glory of Alma Mater by winning the most prestigious global awards. Mathematician Maryna Viazovska was awarded the Fields Medal and human rights advocate Oleksandra Matviichuk was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Unfortunately, the mankind will remember 2022, first of all, as the year of chauvinistic evil assaulting the democracy and the year of bloodstained all-out war of russia against Ukraine. This year placed itself on record with the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian nation suffering unrecoverable human losses and significant damages protecting freedom of the civilized World and it all happens in the XXI century.

The enemy was deliberately destroying our identity causing physical breakdown of centers of Ukrainian culture, education and science during 2022. The University family is irrecoverably losing its sons and daughters. We are suffering from shootings, bombings and airstrikes.

Currently the department of the Optical and Mechanical Professional College in Izium is completely destroyed with the majority of academic buildings being damaged significantly by the hostile missile attacks, namely:

1 March 2022 – Scientific and Educational Institute of International Relations / Scientific and Educational Institute of Journalism and both buildings of the Scientific and Educational Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service;

16 March 2022 – Faculty of Information Technologies (windows blown out);

10 October 2022 – Red (Main) academic building, M. Maksymovych Scientific Library, Scientific and Educational Institute of Philology, Faculty of Chemistry, Botanical Garden.

Despite all difficulties, the University never stopped operating for a single day, we have been teaching, studying, working, restoring and rebuilding. It was all possible due to the cohesion, devotion and unity of the University community, government aid, support of our graduates, domestic and foreign partners. We express our gratitude to everyone helping our University to stand strong and restore what we lost in this hard time. Herculean efforts and joint work made it possible to repair the significant part of damages caused to our buildings in Kyiv by the end of 2022. We were happy to meet New Year with new doors, windows and hope for working in human conditions.

However, the enemy hardly having any humaneness launched a massive missile attack at Kyiv on New Year’s Eve, 31 December 2022, causing damages to the buildings of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Exhibition Campus. Those damages turned out to be even more devastating than the previous ones. The following buildings suffered significant losses: buildings of the Scientific and Educational Center ‘Institute of Biology and Medicine’, Scientific and Educational Institute of High Technologies, Faculties of Psychology, Sociology, Computer Sciences and Cybernetics, Radiophysics, Electronics and Computer Systems, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Faculty of Geography, laboratory building, Department of Nuclear Physics, cryogenic complex of the Faculty of Physics, sports facilities, Ukrainian Physics and Mathematics Lyceum and some students’ dormitories. Currently the investigations are ongoing with examination being made and losses recorded. This time the losses caused by the missile are estimated to be several times as high as the losses the University suffered during the massive missile attack at Kyiv on 10 October 2022 when total losses accounted for over 90 million hryvnias.

Soon the winter holidays will be over, and the University will begin the educational process under any conditions. It is our duty and our contribution to the victory of civilization over barbarians, sense over ignorance, progress over darkness.

We were overcoming all the difficulties of 2022 together and at the dawn of 2023 we are forced to address all our partners and friends again asking for support. Your concern and help will foster restoring, enable us to survive, stand strong and work with new aspiration after victory. Together we are strong, together we are invincible!


Everyone able to take part in restoration of the buildings at the Exhibition Campus may make a charitable contribution in accordance with following payment detailsWhen making a donation, please specify the payment purpose as charitable aid for restoration of the buildings suffered from a missile attack.


With respect and gratitude,

Rector Volodymyr Bugrov