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За адресою  https://rpop.iaea.org/RPOP/RPoP/Content/News/10-e-learning.htm
Ви можете пройти перші  он-лайн учбові курси МАГАТЕ  з питань радіаційного захисту пацієнтів, присвячені питанням управління дозами опромінення під час КТ, ознайомитися з учбовими матеріалами чи пройти он-лайн навчання та тестування (у разі успішної здачі тесту можливе отримання і роздрукування сертифікату).

Також, рекомендуємо пройти начання з безпеки та якості в радіотерапії (12 модулів) та отримати міжнародний сертифікат :

Тhe Radiation Protection of Patients Unit, Radiation Safety Section, Nuclear Safety, Waste and Transport Division is pleased to announce the availability of the E-learning on Safety and Quality in Radiotherapy. The e-learning is designed to improve the students understanding on how they can improve safety in radiotherapy.  Student will gain knowledge and skills on strengthening safety culture, performing risk analysis, performing retrospective studies after a medical error and the value of learning from incidents through many of the tools provided in the 12 modules.

Students can complete the modules over time by completing each module and passing the quiz at one time.  The system will record the completion of that module.  Student can go back and review any module if they wish to refresh their understanding of how certain tools can be used in the clinic.

At the completion of all 12 modules the student will receive a certificate of completion of the course.

Please contact us if you have any questions at: SAFRON.Contact-Point@IAEA.org

If you have not previously accessed the IAEA e-learning platform, please follow these steps:

  1. Register with NUCLEUS: https://nucleus.iaea.org/Pages/default.aspx
  2. Confirm the email link received after your registration
  3. Once your IAEA NUCLEUS account is activated, click on:  http://elearning.iaea.org/m2/course/view.php?id=392
  1.     Enrol yourself in the course

The RPoP Website has been updated as follows

  1. Access the new IAEA e-learning course “Safety and Quality in Radiotherapy”
  2. Join the upcoming webinar held jointly with Image Gently – “Strategies for Communicating Radiation Risk for Medical Imaging in Children” (15 December, 3 pm CET)
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    Brachytherapy Training Course held in Vienna

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Колеги,  рекомендуємо подивитись  https://youtu.be/c3a1bhnZ6V8
впевнені, що і ми  досягнемо  такого рівня  культури в сфері медичного опромінення!


International Organization for Medical Physics

International Radiation Protection Association

The European Federation of Organisations in Medical Physics

International Atomic Energy Agency. Nuclear Sciences and Application. Devision of Human Health

Commissionon on Accreditation of Medical Physics Educational Programs

Asia-Oceania Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics

American Association of Physicists in Medicine

Ассоциация медицинских физиков России

The RPoP Website has been updated as follows

  1. Access the new IAEA e-learning course “Radiation dose management in CT”
  2. Read about the IAEA activities: Newly producedBrochure about RPOP and Film on Radiation Safety

    The IAEA celebrated International Day of Medical Physics 

    Successful group scientific visit at Duke University Medical Center, USA
  3. Learn about the newly launched campaigns of Image Gently called Think-A-head Campaign  and the HERCA’s European inspection campaign in diagnostic radiology
  4. Access Poster on building awareness in pregnancy in Polish  and RPOP Posters about radiation protection of children in interventional procedures in Finnish, radiation protection in fluoroscopy in Finnish, radiation protection in CT in Finnish
  5. Check the updated list of technical cooperation projects in the area of radiation protection of patients
  6. Read about the upcoming School on Medical Physics for Radiation Therapy in Italy 
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Mark you calendars! The next International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine will take place on 11-15 December 2017 in Vienna, Austria. More information to follow on the RPOP website!