Program. Medical Physics – 2012


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Seminar sections:

Section 1. Training of Medical Physicists by Higher Education Institutions.
– Curriculums.
– Clinical practice.
– Professional development.

Section 2. Regulatory-law aspects of the ionizing radiation sources using in health care.
– Implementation of international legal laws into national legislation
– Improvement of administrative and legal regulation of ionizing radiation sources using in medicine

Section 3. Innovation Technologies in Medicine.
–  Radiodiagnostics.
–  Radiotherapy.
–  Nuclear medicine.
–  Fundamental research.

Section 4. Radiation Safety.
– quality assurance and quality control in medical radiology.
–  Radiotherapeutic risks and radiation accident in radiology.
–  Organization and management of radiation safety.

Seminar program will be posted on September 24, 2012 (“Program-en.doc”)